Various little fixes

Dome Light

A quick simple one, the new light came with a lower bezel however it fits just fine and looks neater with just the top section.

Fuel filler

The fuel filler hose wasn’t looking too good anymore. It had a slight cut so needed to be replaced.

The filler pipe had been partly painted black when the trunk was painted.  Patrick cleaned this up, now looks way better.

Hood to Cowl seal

This part was missing completely.  with it installed the air is much fresher into the cabin, no more fuel smell from the carb.

Battery clamp & P clips

The battery was simply loose, another items that was just missing from the car.  Another small thing, the hood indicators had a loose wire, it was missing a few P clips.  That’s all neatly held in place now.

Shifter Handle

The original handle was loose as the screw that holds it in place was completely stripped.  The handle was also a little worn out.  With the stripped screw it was more difficult to remove.  Ended up drilling out the attachment hole on the handle.  Once the old one was off it was quite simple to add the new one.

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