Throttle Pedal Upgrade

Decided to upgrade the throttle pedal to a cable system.  The 1967 Mustang uses pushrod system for the kick down and throttle.  While it works, with the EFI upgrade just didn’t have enough control over the throttle.  When accelerating it would be hard to apply throttle smoothly.

After a little research online I found that people were installing a 1969 throttle assembly into the 67’s.  So went ahead an ordered a 69 throttle pedal and cable.  Also, order a Lokar kick down cable kit.

Unfortunately, the throttle cable arrived broken.  Since would have taken ages and been a pain to ship back to the US I decided to fix the part instead.  The pivot was welded back into place on the rear of the pedal.

Kickdown cable install went smoothly.  The Holey Sniper EFI came with a bracket for mounting cable systems.  Had to make a small modification to clearance the rocker cover.  I used washers either side of the square mount to hold the cable in place.

The 1969 throttle cable needed to be shortened to fit.  This involved removing the bullet that is attached to the throttle pedal.  Then drilling through the puller bullet and sliding to the correct location on the cable.  It was solder into place and as additional security added a couple of collets.

Finally the new pedal was installed in the car and everything connected.

Unfortunately, the change still didn’t provide a smooth throttle control.


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