Rear Disc Brake Upgrade

The rear drum brakes needed a rebuild.  The shoes were worn out and the drums didn’t look in great shape.  Rather than rebuilding the drums, I decided to go with a disc upgrade to match the front.  In addition, the handbrake barely passed the previous MOT.  The new brakes have a completely new handbrake setup.

The proportioning valve needed to replaced with a new one compatible with a disc / disc setup.  The previous one had a delay valve for the front brake so that the rear drums would engage before the front ( drums have more travel before they engage )  The delay gave an odd feel when driving as the brakes never felt as responsive as they could be.  Unfortuanlty the new valve having different pipe locations required a complete redo of the brake lines that connect to it.

New brake lines were installed along the rear axle. They were modified to fit flexible brake hoses for the callipers.  While it’s absolutely necessary to have flexi pipes on a fixed rear axle it does mean that the disc is easier to service in the future.  The callipers can be moved out of the way without needing the disconnect them from the system and then subsequently having to re-bleed everything.

Handbrake install, so much nicer having the cable fully enclosed in pipes rather than exposed under the body.  Handbrake works really well now.

All done 🙂

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