Ford Mustang

This is a first generation model completed August 8th 1967.  It was build in Metuchen, New Jersey and then delivered to Louisville Kentucky.  While I don’t have complete records on the car it is believed to have spent its life there until mid 2016 when it was imported to the UK.

The car was originally painted Wimbledon White with a black vinyl roof.  Around 2009 the car was restored.  It was repainted in Brittany blue and the engine rebuilt.


Engine: 289 V8 ( 4736cc )
Body: 2 Door Hardtop
Colour: Brittany Blue
Transmission: C4 Automatic
Interior: Black Crinkle Vinyl

Why a Mustang?

After years of years of dreaming about getting a classic American V8 the time has finally come 🙂

I always loved the look of Mustangs.  When the 2005 version of the Mustang was revealed I thought one of those might be a good choice for me at some point in the future.  Finally the shape was back to where it was supposed to be.  Things only got better with the sixth generation, especially with a right hand drive option for the UK.

However my passion for a classic from the 50-60’s wouldn’t let go.  So for serval months my brother Patrick and I searched for the right one.  Finally the right one came up from a private seller near London.

My Plans

Currently I am fixing a few little issues here and there.  Going to upgrade a few areas such as the brakes.  Being used to modern power disc brakes made for quite a surprise as to how much force is needed to slow a car with all drums and no assistance!
The weatherstrips all need attention. The sound system is well… erm not great is the polite way to describe that.